The term “Academic Freedom” refers to the rights of educators to teach freely, conduct research, and to write without fear of being attacked and/or dismissed from their positions.

Unfortunately, whenever a professor or any other educator goes against the orthodox teachings, at first, he/she is given s warning. If he/she does not stop, then he/she is ostracized. If he/she still does not stop, then there is dismissal and blackballing.

World Book Encyclopedia has some interesting information under the entree of “Academic Freedom” regarding the history of this.

It reads that during the colonial period in America, religious intolerance was the biggest threat to academic freedom. Views that deviated from Judeo/Christian dogma were under severe attack.

Later on, during the 1800s, (((Wealthy benefactors))) were appointed by many universities as trustees. Many of those trustees felt that the teachings in their universities should agree with their own views, especially political and economic views. As a result, a number of professors lost their jobs for going against this.

After WW2, there was (((communist infiltration))) of universities.

Universities are thoroughly infested with Jews. Students, professors, and university staff from top to bottom. Loaded with Jews. They make the policies, push their goddamned death dealing communist filth under the deceptive slogans of brotherhood and equality, solving the worlds problems and other egregious lies.

People need to wake up. Christianity and Islam and communism are all the same abominable Jewish filth.
Communism is rooted in Christianity. Christianity is a stepping off point to communism.
If the communism fails, then Christianity is reinstituted.

This happened blatantly after the collapse of the USSR and its satellite nations. As soon as the Jewish program of communism collapsed, the Jewish program of Christianity reared its ugly head and former communist countries were infested immediately. Right back like fleas on a dog,
but much, much worse.

People need to know!! If one fails, the Jews use the other. Like a two-headed coin. Working both sides.

After atheistic Albania for example, overthrew Jewish communism, Christians infested immediately. In a matter of days. Using humanitarian aid as an excuse, along with bringing shit loads of bibles and other spiritually degenerate paraphernalia of which they zealously pushed upon the vulnerable populace.After years and years of communist indoctrination, and an extreme lack of any noncommunist educational outlets, the populace has been exceptionally vulnerable. Christians always prey on the vulnerable.

So as for academic freedom, on the one hand the Jewish programs of Christianity and Islam attack from one end and the Jew infested universities attack on the other, along with the outsider Jews who control with their money.

As long as the populace is deceived into believing these Jewish programs are different or opposed to each other, and go running hopelessly from one to the other, trying to find relief, this entire world will keep sliding down into more hopelessness and eventual total damnation.

High Priestess Maxine Dietrich